UPS System

UPS System | What is the cost to your business when you lose power?

Data Centre Response Ltd is a British based company in Witney, Oxfordshire. DCR offer 24-7 response maintenance care for the mechanical and electrical infrastructure of computer room/data centres as well as an excellent range of power protection products and services that are tailored to a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

Why is power becoming less reliable?

The demand for electricity is unlikely to reduce for as long as the population continues to grow. This means that each year, greater demands are placed on the energy grid and it is increasingly becoming unable to cope! Sungard Availability Services states that buildings across England and Wales have experienced approximately 4.9 million planned and 96 million unplanned power interruptions over the past 5 years. Time to think of implementing an uninterruptable power supply?

What are the costs of power cuts to your business?

How will my business potentially be affected? According to National statistics, a single hour of downtime is said to cost a small business an average of £800 and a large commercial organisation £8,500. The effects of a power cut on a business can include:

  • Loss of unsaved data on PC
  • Damage to sensitive it equipment
  • Missed deadlines
  • Interrupted production runs
  • No access to e-commerce websites

Imagine if you had loss of power for a day!

What are the different types of UPS System?

Be stress free. DCR can supply a range of high efficiency single and 3 – phase UPS systems for
small and medium businesses to protect your PC’s critical IT servers and equipment. Single-phase UPS range from 200VA up to 20kVA to support anything from a single computer to protecting your server rooms or IT networks.

  • Small/medium server rooms, telecommunications systems and networks
  • Low harmonic distortion levels
  • Available in floor standing or 19” rack-mounted version
  • Single or 3 phase input, single phase output, compact UPS system\True on-line double conversion power protection

For a higher level of protection, a UPS system using true online double conversion technology is available. Online UPS systems have the ability to withstand large variations in input voltage whilst still maintaining a clean sinusoidal output voltage before restoring to using backup UPS battery power.

Line interactive and off-line UPS systems offer a lower cost solution usually with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) for regulation output.

Fitting the right UPS systems will help reduce damage to electrical equipment extending life and reducing costs in the long run. Whatever your needs, DCR has over 25 years’ experience and will develop a tailored solution, including installation and UPS maintenance, giving you complete peace of mind.

Can you continue doing business if your power fails?