UPS Systems | Why it is Critical that SMEs have them?

In the western world our daily lives revolve around technology and more specifically, the computer. We use computers to communicate, gather information and conduct everyday business tasks. Most of the technology we use on a daily basis relies on a power source to operate. So what happens when the power goes out? Events like these can have a profound effect on small to medium sized businesses, who often have no contingency plan to prepare themselves for power loss.

UPS systems are the safest, easiest and (in the long term) the cheapest way to safeguard your business against mains supply problems. It provides a way for your computers to have continuous access to power in the event of a brownout or complete power failure. In this post, we discuss why, if you’re an SME, you should be considering UPS systems to protect your business continuity.

UPS Systems

UPS systems can save you time and money

If your power goes down, there’s usually a delay getting it back up again, and that delay can cost your business sales as well as interrupt productivity across your company. As an SME you can ill afford any time loss or a drop in profits, so it makes sense to deal with this problem now before it really takes hold.

You won’t lose valuable information

Power-outs can result in file and data loss, which can be pretty frustrating. Installing a UPS system provides peace of mind by offering a failsafe backup, so you can keep working secure in the knowledge that everything is still running as expected.

Flexible options

For SMEs we have a whole range of options, whether you want online or offline, or line interactive systems, voltage independent or double conversion. We stock the best out there, including Borri, Eaton and Riello UPS Systems. For small and medium sized businesses our UPS systems can range from 200VA to 20kVA single phase all the way up to 400kVA 3- phase systems, so you’ll get the right kind of voltage protection for your hardware.

It’s not just a few boxes

With DCResponse you don’t just get an online or offline UPS system, you also get a great service too. Our UPS strategies are moulded around what each individual business needs with consultancy options, site visits and remote monitoring choices.

To work out what UPS systems would be best for your business, just give us a call. We’d be happy to walk you through all the options and advise on the best solution for your needs.