Why Do You Need UPS Maintenance

Planning and significant investment go into getting the correct UPS tailored to you and installed. This is your power protection solution and even business continuity planning. So why should you neglect your UPS when it plays such an important role?

UPS Operating Conditions

The majority of the time spent on a UPS engineers service visit involves checks on the UPS making sure that it is operating correctly within the correct environment under the correct load and isn’t being damaged. From checking the temperature of the UPS room, safe output loading of the UPS, the use of the inbuilt battery testing function while following the basics of keeping the UPS area free from dust, moisture. But much more is involved than just the basic checks.

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Engineers make sure that the UPS has been looked after by the user making sure its gone through the correct switching procedure and safely shut down the UPS, whilst maintaining critical load through the bypass line, the UPS engineer can then undergo an in-depth visual check of all components and connections rectifying any issues also see if any connections need to be tightened if necessary, any signs of corrosion will be reported and excess dust deposits will be removed.

The DC & AC capacitors, IGBT devices and batteries will be visually inspected for signs of budging, leakage or overheating which is important as these are dangerous warning signs that could lead to a fire.

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