Protect your business against Blackouts with a UPS system

The risk of blackouts this winter continues to be talked about over news channels and radio. The National Grid is warning that Britain’s spare capacity is at a seven-year low, following a wave of unexpected power station and nuclear plant temporary shutdowns.

The reality is that today more than ever, businesses are increasingly dependent on electrical power to operate efficiently. Without power, many businesses can lose thousands of pounds in seconds, not to mention the loss of critical data such as accounting, databases, and other important business documents. Despite modern advances in datacenters and electrical devices, a momentary power outage is all it takes to lose your data.

Experts are predicting widespread power outages this winter, which will substantially increase the risk of your business losing downtime and data unless you are properly protected.

Protect your business with a UPS system from DCResponse:

DCResponse can provide uninterruptible power supply solutions to keep your data centre running in the event there is a power outage.

DCResponse provides a comprehensive range of Borri, Eaton and Riello UPS systems ranging from single-phase to three-phase modular UPS systems suitable for small to medium-large businesses. We also offer stand-alone systems and generators for larger businesses. The advantage of installing a UPS system means you will have immediate backup power to your system in the event of a power outage.

With over 25 years in providing UPS systems to businesses such as New Look and Argos, as well as Oxford University and Bournemouth University – DCResponse are recognised and respected for being best in class at delivering the right UPS system for your businesses needs.

What our customers have to say:

Bournemouth University

The solution proposed by DCRespose means that we can now remotely monitor each of our UPS’ that are dotted around our large and dispersed site, giving us total reassurance in the case of an emergency.” Nick Allin, Principal Technical Analyst, IT Services, Bournemouth University

Venture Photography

DCResponse came highly recommended to us. They certainly lived up to their reputation and we would like to thank everyone at DCResponse for identifying and providing a superb service in relation to our issues. The professionalism and expertise provided, resulted in a stable and reliable system. With a world-class technical team on hand; they have also provided us with the confidence to maintain an efficient business model and we would not hesitate in recommending them.” 
Brad Perry IT Engineer

Do not fall victim to an unexpected power outage. Contact us to find out more about how UPS systems can help your business and the support that DCResponse offer.

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