Eradicate Downtime by Matching a Generator to your UPS

generator high resFor some, a loss of power is no more than an inconvenience and having back up power to bring their systems to a controlled shutdown is sufficient. This can be provided by an Uninterruptible Power supply (UPS).

For other businesses, it’s vital that they continue to function normally with their systems remaining up and running continuously, however long a power cut lasts. In this case a standby generator compliments a UPS to offer power availability for extended periods of time. The generator will run for as long as it has fuel, with a typical runtime before refueling being 24 hours.

In order for generators and UPS units  to work together successfully, it is very important that the two are correctly matched.


Matching a Generator to your UPS

generators uninterruptible-power-supplyIf the mains power fails,  your UPS will accept the load and support the critical systems that can’t withstand a short break in power. The UPS then acts as a power bridge, keeping critical systems operational until the generator supply is established and synchronises with the UPS, before picking up the load.

A Generator must be sized adequately for the UPS it is supplying. As well as being capable of handling the step load of the UPS, the Generator must have sufficient capacity to recharge the UPS Batteries and cover the conversion losses of the UPS. The maximum step load of most generators is around 65% of the total rated capacity of the generator.

We take into account current usage, any future expansion plans and offer help and advice on site location, planning applications and installation.

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