UPS monitoring provides peace of mind for Bournemouth University

The Client: 

Bournemouth University


Bournemouth University has over 17,000 students including 1,500 international students from around 130 countries. Their IT team provides access to information systems to meet a variety of staff and student requirements like teaching, desktop, mobile working and remote access infrastructure 24/7.

Client challenge:

DCR has installed over 40 UPS’ across the University’s two campuses and its many halls of residence that are situated around the town. These UPS’ provide standby power for all of their network facilities so that the systems will continue to operate during a power failure. The issue for the University was that these UPS’ are installed in a multitude of small comms rooms that are often left unvisited for sometimes days, even weeks. If a UPS failed, the University’s IT team would only know when the network for that particular area went down, at which stage it would be inundated with calls from frustrated lecturers, students and administrators.

DCR response:

During an annual maintenance visit, DCR found that a number of these UPS’ were showing an alarm or were in bypass. Had a mains failure occurred, this would have resulted in the UPS failing under load and the network going down. DCR proposed that UPS management cards should be installed on all of the UPS’ so that they can be monitored remotely through a single web browser by one person wherever they might be in the world, thus ensuring that all the UPS’ would work when required. Early warning alerts are provided to key personnel via email, SNMP, SMS or telephone voice messages direct to a landline or a mobile phone.


This remote monitoring means that as soon as a UPS indicates an alarm, the IT team can look at the UPS status and determine the problem. It may be that there is currently a mains failure in the area or in the building and that the UPS is running on batteries and so doing its intended job. Or it could be that a fault has occurred or a battery cell has died in which case the customer can needs to log a fault call with DCR so that an engineer can attend site to rectify the issue. The benefit is that the University is now aware of any issues as they occur and before they cause a more serious problem to the smooth running of the University so have peace of mind that they are not vulnerable.