University of Bristol Case Study

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IMG_1822“DCResponse made this large complicated project look easy; we were delighted with their ability to work around a huge number of obstacles to provide a solution to a serious issue in a very short space of time. I would not hesitate to use DCResponse for any future projects.” Simon Atack – Senior HPC System Administrator at the University of Bristol.


Since its founding in 1876, the University of Bristol has built up a reputation for innovative research. One of the key departments of the University is the School of Physics, where pioneering research has underpinned several fundamental advances in quantum mechanics. The high performance computer(HPC) facility at the Physics Department is a critical system that provides the resources necessary to carry out the research. Avoiding downtime of the HPC is, therefore, vital.

The Challenge

During the high temperatures experienced on Tuesday 26th July, Bristol University’s chiller suffered catastrophic failure as a result of the age and degradation of the system. The potential repercussions were huge as the chiller was used to provide cooling for the crucial HPC facility at the physics department. Bristol University, therefore, required a replacement straight away to minimise downtime. In order to source this, the University contacted DCResponse.

The Solution for The University of Bristol

With an extremely short timescale to work in, DCResponse set about providing Bristol University with an immediate solution. Firstly, they provided a 300KW cooling system for use as a temporary replacement to the chiller. The existing chiller was located on the roof of a 5 floor public building in Bristol city centre. In order to overcome the difficulty of installing a 3,500kg temporary chiller onto the rooftop, DCResponse sourced a 62 Ton rated high range crane and the chiller… View the full case study here