UPS Battery Systems | The Benefits of Choosing the Right One

Whether you’ve got a business workhorse laptop or a huge data centre to manage, it’s essential that the power doesn’t suddenly cut out. You need a UPS (or, Uninterruptible Power Supply, for the uninitiated) to keep your technology going during drops in voltage, brownouts or blackouts.

UPS batteries come in all kinds of types, makes and models and it’s important to get something that’s fit for your purpose. Here are six reasons why choosing the right UPS battery will be of great benefit:

UPS Battery

1. Which UPS battery is right for you?

It can be tricky to decide what your business or data/network centre needs. You‘ll have to think about how many outlets you have, what power you use and how long you need the UPS battery to work for. DCResponse looks at your load and backup times to determine what’s best for your business. DCResponse works with the YUASA the World’s leading battery manufacturer.

2. UPS battery life

An unreliable UPS battery can cause real problems. It’s more likely to deteriorate and need replacing earlier. UPS batteries should come with a 5 or 10 year guarantee, but all batteries decay at around 5% a year, so it’s key that you monitor this frequently.

3. Feeling hot

UPS batteries are very susceptible to overheating. A poor UPS battery might not have the capacity to cope with changes in heat, so buy something that’s more robust. Even so, you should test at least every 12 months to check that the battery life hasn’t halved due to heat exhaustion.

4. Testing Times

Testing and maintaining your UPS battery is paramount for extending its life. DCResponse offers scheduled testing and maintenance to give you peace of mind while you work.

5. Call for backup

Certain UPS battery systems (like ours!) work with intelligent technology that provides a failsafe backup should there be a mains failure.

6. Not just a battery…

At DCResponse we offer all kinds of services to ensure that your business stays powered up, including consultancy, site visits and remote monitoring.

From replacing a UPS battery to devising whole UPS systems, we’re an organisation you can trust. Talk to us about UPS batteries today.