Load Bank Testing | Critical Infrastructure

Ensuring your system will support a critical load when needed

To test your Uninterruptible Power Supply or generator to its design specification and autonomy, or to ensure the system is working effectively, the most conclusive way is to use active or resistive load banks.

Load Bank UPSLoad bank testing is so called because it tests the UPS and generator under ‘load’ conditions as a preventative maintenance measure to ensure that the UPS system can support a full critical load. Testing systems with a full load ensures that your UPS will perform correctly when needed, checking the battery autonomy of the UPS system and generator if required. It is important to simulate crisis conditions and test UPS under their full load, without risking power. You don’t want to find out there is a fault during a mains power outage and risk the protection and safety of your IT systems.

Ideally, load bank testing should be done no sooner than one week after a UPS system has been installed to allow batteries to be fully charged. Load bank testing before this has been allowed will not give accurate results.

Do you rely on your Generator as part of a Critical Power System?

Load Bank GenIf you rely on a generator as a critical part of your back up power solution it is important to carry out full testing ‘under load’ to ensure everything is performing correctly and the generator can be relied upon to support a critical load when required. Load Bank Testing will identify if there are any problems with your generator and allows you to rectify any issues in good time. Starting your generator periodically is not a safe indication that everything will run smoothly when you need it to carry the full critical load.

Full Load Bank testing includes:

Once load bank testing is complete DCResponse will record and recommend any problems or issues found and can carry out the repairs if required.

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