Installation & Commissioning

At DCResponse we have set our services to provide a full turn-key power solutions package, whilst allowing clients and partners to select only those services that they require. The two most important services to ensure a ‘clean install’ are electrical installation and commissioning, both of which may require certificates to be issued before a system can be made ‘live’.

Electrical Installation & Commissioning

Our Critical PowerInstallation & Commissioning experts can organise a complete IEE certified electrical installation including:

All works (including UPS, generator and associated electrical switchgear installation) are carried out and tested to the highest standards before certification and handover.

UPS & Generator Installation & Commissioning

UPS and generator Installation & Commissioning can be more than a simple switch in the process. For complex systems, it can involve an inspection of connections, peripherals, inside-the-box components, firmware matching, configuration and final setup and test prior to switch-on. Commissioning is, therefore, a ‘boot-up’ process that relies on every assembly being ready to perform its role within the UPS system. Only then can a system be started and the training and handover begin to the site representative.

UPS Systems up to 3kVA with plug and socket connections are user-commissionable. Hardwired systems and larger systems will require connection to the electrical supply and commissioning by suitable qualified and certified personnel.

Some UPS and generator manufacturers may void their warranty terms if one of their systems is not commissioned by a certified engineer. This is especially clear where the commissioning engineer has to have access to a manufacturer’s dongle and communications software. Other UPS or generator systems may operate an ‘open protocol’ with widely accessible passwords but even here they may reserve the right to cancel their warranty obligations if the UPS system has not been commissioned correctly.

Load Bank Testing

As part of our commissioning service load bank testing can be supplied. The use of load banks provides a thorough testing of the UPS battery to support its load.


Where a UPS or generator system is decommissioned, DCResponse remove the hardware and manage the environmental disposal as part of our removal and recycling service.

At DCResoponse we only use trained and certified engineers as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible power solution for your installation. Commissioning, training and handover normally take place within the same site visit and can be made either within normal working hours or at flexible times by prior arrangement to suit the project timetable.