Riello UPS Systems | Which is right for your business?

Riello is one of the leading UPS companies offering uninterruptible power supplies and award winning power protection systems, which is why DCResponse are proud re-sellers of Riello UPS products.

Why should I choose Riello over other brands?

Along with Borri and Eaton, Riello are brand leaders, and create the best UPS systems. Riello UPS is a world leader in the uninterruptible power supplies market, and today, Riello UPS offers a huge 20 ranges of UPS systems based on state-of-the-art technological design.

Help! Which Riello UPS system should I choose?

In a world dominated by choice, it is often difficult to narrow down your options and commit to a certain product. That’s why it’s important to know what you need from your Riello UPS system prior to buying, and this can often be determined during our free site survey carried out by a DCResponse engineer. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend anything above the 5 kVA installation needs a site survey. Our engineers will give thought to health and safety risk assessments, method statements, logistics and floor loadings, electrical installation, remote monitoring, environment and after care services.

Riello UPS

A site survey is an opportunity to discuss the potential installation with an engineer who can help guide you through the selection, specification and installation of the UPS and generator where applicable, and also take you through the after care and UPS maintenance and servicing options.

DCResponse provide a variety of Riello UPS systems for small, medium and large businesses and can advise on the UPS system you require based on your requirements. As a start, it’s useful to consider what level of UPS technology your business needs. There are three different types of Riello UPS system technology: offline, line-interactive and online double conversion.

Types of Riello UPS Systems available

Online Double Conversion UPS System

An online UPS system provides full protection from electrical phenomena such as surges, frequency variations, voltage distortions and voltage harmonics. This solution is beneficial for larger businesses which operate a vast array of mission critical IT systems, where a mains failure could result in catastrophic consequences.

Line Interactive UPS System

A line interactive UPS system is similar to an offline UPS system, differing through will cater for more continuous under and overvoltage power issues through reducing the impact of voltage instability. Line interactive systems are best utilised for use with small server racks and office networks

Offline (VFD) UPS System

An offline (VFD) UPS system will protect your data from power outages, brownouts and dynamic overvoltage and is often used by smaller businesses on a tight budget. An offline system will provide a basic level of power protection but often struggles to regulate voltage – a problem that can be better coped with by a line interactive UPS system.

What should I consider before purchasing?

Your business size

The size of your business and potential growth plans can be a crucial factor when considering the vast array of Riello UPS Systems. If your business is planning to grow exponentially in the future, then a modular system would be a good choice. Modular systems are fully expandable which means your UPS needs will not fall short upon business expansion. If, however, your business is rather large and has the financial resources then it may be more beneficial to invest in a more substantial solution.

The UPS environment

UPS systems are increasingly being used in harsh and demanding environments. The majority of Riello UPS systems have an operating temperature of between 0-40°C, so it’s important to ensure your UPS will be operating in an area with no extreme temperature changes. If you have any doubts, consult a DCResponse specialist who will be able to advise you on cooling solutions.

Backup run time

A power outage can last anywhere from a matter of seconds to a number of hours. It’s hard to know how long the power will be out. The run time that a UPS provides is the number of minutes that the UPS will be able to provide power from the battery for a given load level. Run time is critically important because it tells you how long a power outage the UPS can handle before the battery runs out. To ensure your UPS system is running for as long as possible you’re going to need more UPS batteries. It’s important therefore to talk to DCResponse about your required runtime. The UPS batteries also need to be properly maintained as neglecting UPS batteries can result in total battery failure.

Power Load

Make sure you’re aware of the power load your Riello UPS system will be subject to. By undertaking load bank testing you’ll be able to test your UPS System under full load. This will allow you to ensure the system you’re looking into buying will be able to cope with the power load demands. It is highly recommended that you choose a UPS system with an output power capacity of 20-25% higher than the total capacity to compensate for power surges.

Running cost

Most UPS system manufacturers will aim to minimise UPS running costs, however, larger, more powerful UPS systems can still cost a substantial amount to run. Riello UPS proudly claim to be compliant with the highest levels of energy efficiency and each product is categorised into an ECO energy level for consumer-manufacturer transparency. DCResponse are passionate about ensuring that the UPS system within your business is energy efficient, often just small changes to the way the UPS is set up can save thousands of pounds.

Future proofing

It’s important to discuss your future business needs and growth strategy to ensure your UPS can handle your growing data needs. DCResponse can help you work out which system will provide the best power protection solution for today and in the future.

Where can I buy Riello UPS systems?

DC Response are proud to be Riello authorised resellers, which means we’re able to supply, install and maintain Riello UPS systems to the highest standard. Whether you’re a small or large business, contact us today to discuss which Riello UPS system would be best for your needs.

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