Reduce your data centre’s carbon footprint

The First Data Explosion

Globally, we are going through a data explosion.  According to The Data Centre Journal (July 9th, 2014), there is a prediction that by 2020 the size of the digital universe (all the data created and used) will be about 40,000 EB or 5,200 gigabytes per person. Keeping all that data stored is having a huge impact on the carbon footprint.

Obviously, with this data explosion comes the need for more data storage capacity within data centres. As data centres require a high level of power and cooling, they are very intensive and consume vast amounts of energy. This means that every part of the data centre needs to be scrutinised to reduce energy, including Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems.

Reducing a Data Centre’s Carbon Footprint

The good news is that making data centres more energy efficient is not only good for the reducing the carbon footprint, it is also good for your bank balance too. An energy efficient UPS can often save a business many thousands of pounds, and often just some small tweaks and changes can make a big difference. recently visited a potential client who was looking to reduce energy within their data centre. We recommended upgrading the existing UPS system which was only achieving 50% energy efficiency. Through upgrading to our recommendations the client will save £15,000 a year and will have paid back the investment in just under two years. We are pleased to say, the potential client is now a new client of ours.

If you would like to determine how energy efficient your datacentre or UPS system is, alongside recommendations on energy saving, contact DCResponse on 01993 708855.