UPS System | How it can help protect your SME

A Belgian data centre owned by Google recently suffered from a power outage caused by a series of consecutive lightning strikes to the local grid. The lack of a UPS System let to a power outage which resulted in permanent loss of data for some of its Google users. The tech giant issued this in a statement “Google takes availability very seriously, and the durability of storage is our highest priority. We apologise to all our customers who were affected by this exceptional incident”.

They added, “Although automatic auxiliary systems restored power quickly, and the storage systems are designed with battery backup, some recently written data was located on storage systems which were more susceptible to power failure from extended or repeated battery drain.”

UPS System Protection

Google’s experience is a testament to the fact that maintaining UPS batteries and choosing a good quality UPS system are crucial steps to protecting data. Power outages can affect all businesses, from the largest like Google to the smallest independent IT firm. Despite this, many businesses have no contingency plan to prepare themselves for power loss or are not aware of the consequences of using a poorly maintained UPS battery.

Quality UPS System

UPS System experts DCResponse recognise the importance of using quality UPS systems coupled with regular UPS battery maintenance and are proud to be distributors for of Borri, Eaton and Riello UPS systems. The company offer online or offline, line interactive systems, voltage independent or double conversion systems and refined strategies that include consultancy, site visits and UPS systems maintenance.

The majority of modern UPS systems contain inbuilt monitoring and notification features to inform users of potential malfunction, but it can also be reassuring to have a professional perform planned preventative maintenance tasks to prevent these malfunctions from happening in the first place, but also to ensure a UPS system is able to handle the power demands of the business or data centre.

Flexibility is key for busy modern businesses and technology has vastly contributed to a more flexible working environment. UPS expert, Jack Ogden of DCResponse highlights the importance of flexibility stating “DCResponse have recently installed the brand new ultra efficient and scalable modular MPW Riello UPS System. It gives our customers operational flexibility whilst maintaining their critical uptime with industry leading power conditioning and efficiency.”

DCResponse are an UK based and offer 24/7 maintenance for the mechanical and electrical infrastructure of computer room/data centres as well as an excellent range of power protection products and services tailored to a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Contact us to see how an Eaton, Borri and Riello UPS system can help protect your SME.