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CPS Alpha Series – Three Phase Generators (9 kVA – 2250 kVA)

The CPS Alpha Series three phase generators range from 9 kVA right the way through to 2250 kVA.

The CPS Alpha Series Generators are designed and manufactured using UK components in Selby, North Yorkshire for various power applications around the world. The Alpha series generators are suitable for prime or standby applications meaning our generators are suitable for multiple purposes such as domestic homes, data centres, business critical systems, agriculture, mobile food outlets and various industrial applications.

Technical specifications for the various Alpha Series three phase models can be viewed below:

9-20 kVA, 30-60kVA , 65-100kVA,135-200kVA, 225-300kVA, 350-500kVA, 600-650kVA, 700-750kVA, 750-800kVA, 850-2250kVA





CPS Alpha Series Three Phase Generator 9 kVA – 2250 kVA

The CPS Alpha Series three phase generators have a fully soundproofed canopy,  with high quality door locks and a high quality residential silencer fitted as standard. The canopy itself is constructed from galvanized steel, press-formed and fastened to the base frame and finished with a high quality powder coat. Lifting and forklift hooks ensures the CPS Alpha Generator can be moved easy, they are strong enough to lift the complete set. The base frame is constructed from galvanized steel, press-formed, with suitable thickness; bolted by galvanized bolts and contains the large fuel tank to enable long running.

The CPS Alpha series generators are produced using Perkins Diesel Engines, UK MeccAlte or UK Stamford Alternators and Deep Sea Electronic Control Modules all of which are manufactured in the UK.  All sets are fully manufactured as per your requirements.


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