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The MultiCOM 302 – Protocol Converter

Protocol converter allows UPS monitoring using the MODBUS/JBUS protocol over RS232 or RS485 serial lines. In addition, it also manages a second independent RS232 serial line that can be used to connect to other devices such as the PLC or a PC running PowerShield3 software.


The MultiCOM 352 – Serial link duplexer

Serial duplicator is an accessory that allows two devices to be connected to a single communication serial port on the UPS. It can be used anywhere where several serial connections are required for multiple polling of the UPS. It is ideal for LAN  networks with firewalls, where a high level of security is required, or for the management of separate LAN networks supplied by a single UPS.


The Multicom 362 – Serial / USB port

Provides a UPS with an additional RS232 serial interface or USB port. The USB port allows the UPS to communicate with Apple Macintosh computers as well as Windows and Linux operating systems.
The MultiCOM 372 – Serial / EPO port

Allows an additional communication port to be added to the UPS to control and monitor the UPS via the RS232 serial line. The board is supplied with an ESD (UPS Emergency Shutdown) input and an RSD (Remote Shutdown) input, both available on a removable terminal board and directly connectible to emergency buttons or other buttons.


The MultiCOM 382 -Contacts / EPO board

Provides a set of relay contacts for managing UPS alarm notifications and operating states. The board has two removable terminal boards. One of these terminal boards includes the ESD (UPS Emergency Shut Down) and RSD (Remote Shut Down) signals. The board also provides the possibility of associating Battery Working, Bypass, Alarm and Battery Low warnings with potential free changeover or normally open contacts.





Riello Multicom 302 – Protocol Converter
Features • Port configuration for MODBUS/JBUS as RS232 or RS485 • Management of two independent serial lines • Suitable for integration with the main BMS management programs.

Multicom 352 – Serial link duplexer

Features • Cascading configuration giving a maximum of 4 serial communication ports • LED communication flow indicator • Firmware upgradeable via serial port.

Multicom 362 – Serial / USB port

Features • Compatible with USB 1 or 2 • Compatible with PowerShield3

Multicom 372 – Serial / EPO port

Features • Management of ESD input and UPS Shutdown • Ability to supply devices at 12 V 80 mA max.

Multicom 382 – Contacts / EPO board

Features • Max. current 3A at 250Vac • Signal-contact customisation.

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