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Liebert NXC

The Liebert® NXC 10 – 200 kVA range offers reliable and flexible secure power in a fully integrated package solution. Its highly efficient transformer-free double conversion technology delivers installation and running cost savings. With a rated output power factor up to 1, Liebert® NXC is also able to provide greater active power than a traditionally rated 0.9 power factor UPS.

Technical Specification

Liebert NXC technical specification



Features and Performances of Liebert NXC UPS (10-200KVA)

Output power factor up to 1 • Double conversion efficiency up to 96% • ECO mode efficiency up to 99% • Input current total  harmonic distortion correction (THDi) < 3% •Battery charger up to 50 A  • Integrated manual bypass • Integrated input and output breakers/switches (10-60 kVA) • Integrated parallel load bus and synchronization port

Liebert NXC’s combination of performance features, impressive integrated autonomy and compact footprint make it ideal for guaranteeing clean, continuous power for a wide range of applications from IT and manufacturing to retail and transport. Its low THDi and active input power factor correction ensure that the current absorbed from the upstream distribution network is near equal to its nominal output current, hence eliminating the need for oversizing gensets and other equipment.


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