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Eaton 93PS UPS

The Eaton 93PS provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and maximum availability in its power range. Providing top of the line efficiency and resiliency, it’s the perfect choice for small data centers and mission critical applications.

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Eaton 93PS UPS – Features

Lower TCO

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Efficiency
  • Inherent redundancy
    • Inherent redundancy – possibility for internal redundancy with common or separate battery configuration
  • Smallest footprint in the market
    • The 93PS provides significantly more in a smaller package, with a footprint of only 0,25 m² for the smaller frame (8-20kW) and 0,36 m² for the large frame (8-40kW)
  • Scalability
    • Scalable architecture and ‘Pay as you grow’ capability to minimize Capital Expenditure
    • Paralleling of up to 8 units

Maximum Availability

  • Hot Swap and Hot Scalable
    • A module can be replaced while the other continues protecting the load (concurrent maintenance)
    • A module can be added while the other continues protecting the load (hot scalable)
    • Individual battery strings can be serviced while other strings are supporting the load
  • Super-sized static switch
    • Optional super-sized Static Switch to enhance the selectivity of the overall electrical installation
  • Safety
    • Equipped with an ultra-rapid fuse in the Static Switch – ensuring safety in all scenarios
    • Equipped with a backfeed contactor – no need for additional instalments
  • Cloud & Virtualization ready
    • The 93PS and Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software suite takes the resiliency of the system to the next level by bridging the electrical and IT infrastructure
    • IT and electrical infrastructure management from a “Single pane of glass”
    • Load shedding – 50% drop in load equates to 250% more runtime!
Power Rating8-40 kW
Output Power Factor1
Voltage380, 400, 415V
Frequency50 or 60Hz
TopologyDouble conversion
Efficiency>96% in Double conversion
up to 98,8% in Energy Saver System
Footprint with Batteries0,25m² – Small frame (8-20 kW)
0,36m² – Large frame (8-40 kW)


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