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Doosan – Three Phase Generators (220 kVA – 825 kVA)

Doosan three phase generator,  available from 22 kVA to 825 kVA, is powered by a diesel engine and packaged in a durable, weatherproof canopy. These Doosan generators feature simple generator control and instrumentation.

Below are the technical specifications for each model.

220 kVA, 275 kVA, 330 kVA, 410 kVA, 485 kVA, 510 kVA, 580 kVA, 630 kVA, 710 kVA, 750 kVA, 825 kVA



Doosan generators from 220 kVA to 825 kVA


  • Brand New & Fully Tested
  • Three phase
  • UK Stock & ready for despatch
  • Diesel
  • Sound proof enclosure
  • Weather proof enclosure
  • Available as an open or canopied set

Standard specifications

Water cooled, Diesel engine/   Radiator with mechanical fan/  Protective grille for rotating and hot parts/  Electric starter and charge alternator / Starting battery (with lead acid) including rack and cables / Engine coolant heater /  Base frame design incorporates an integral fuel tank and anti-vibration isolators /  Flexible fuel connection hoses /  Single bearing, class H alternator /  Industrial exhaust silencer and steel bellows supplied separately(for open sets) / Static battery charger / Manual for application and installation

Additional information

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