Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) | Does your DC compare?

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) was introduced as a concept in 2006, and since then has become the most crucial measurement when conducting energy efficiency surveys on data centres. Typically, a Power Usage Effectiveness Survey involves measuring the energy used by the total facility (i.e. power and cooling) and dividing this by the energy used by IT equipment.

The resulting PUE factor will be 1 or above, although even the most efficient data centres will find it incredibly difficult to achieve a PUE factor of 1. Most businesses are actively making their data centres more efficient, notably Google, who currently host one of the most efficient data centres in the world with a PUE factor of 1.11.

Power Usage Effectiveness

Why have a Power Usage Effectiveness Survey?

  • In the last 10 years, electricity prices have risen dramatically and this trend is likely to continue.
  • The exponential growth of the internet has increased demand for servers to host excess amounts of data. More servers = more power usage.

PUE Global trends

A recent report by the Uptime Institute for The Data Centre Trends Survey (2014) showed the following global trends:

Whilst measurement of PUE is on the increase, 28% of global businesses still don’t measure PUE

  • 77% of those asked said their management have set targets for PUE
  • 12% of organisations have a PUE target of 1.0-1.2%
  • 47% of organisations have a PUE target of 1.2-1.5%
  • 38% of organisations have a PUE target of 1.5-2.0%
  • 2% of organisations have a PUE target of 2.0-2.5%

How we can help

A Power Usage Effectiveness Survey can provide the metrics needed to make informed changes about data centre efficiency, for the present and future longevity of your data centre. Having an efficient data centre doesn’t only deliver cost benefits, but can be considerably less damaging to the environment too.

At DCResponse we can offer a comprehensive Power Usage Effectiveness Survey and implement any advised changes to ensure your data centre is running at peak efficiency. There are many low capital cost approaches in energy efficiency, and often just small changes can save companies thousands of pounds a year!

Alternatively, we can design and build a bespoke data centre solution to fit your exact requirements. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you make valuable changes to your data centre with a PUE Survey.