Power cuts and candles – how can UPS help?

The risk of power cuts in the United Kingdom will increase in the next five years with a high probability of power outages forecast during the winter of 2014-15. The reason?

Generating capacity is failing to keep up with peak demand as electricity prices have been driven down to a level where energy companies make no profits to invest back into the system to build extra power supplies. If there is a surge in demand due to a bad winter then blackouts will be inevitable.

Can we cope with blackouts in the digital world?

The last time this happened back in the 1980’s, the country just got on with it – people used candles to see, cooked on camping stoves, the shops stayed open and most people could still work.
But it would be a very different situation in today’s age of the computer. In fact, we are so dependent on electricity that power cuts would be a disaster. How could we function without computers? Laptops? Mobile phones? Broadband? How could shops and restaurants process credit and debit card payments?
How would your business continue to operate? Larger institutions like hospitals will have backup generating systems but many businesses will not have taken the necessary precautions. A simple UPS system will keep an organisation’s systems going when there is a short power outage enabling staff to turn off their computers without any data loss. For mission-critical systems where availability of power is key, a standby generator is vital.

Find out how our UPS Systems can help

If power cuts are going to be the norm, candles may provide light but a UPS or standby generator will provide continuity of business.
To find out more about the part that generators and UPS systems can play in helping organisations to continue to trade during power cuts, call DCR on 01993 708855 or email sales@dcresponse.co.uk
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