No UPS | Not such Happy Christmas

While everyone is at home enjoying the turkey and gifts, what if something goes wrong with your data centre? For many organisations, leaving the office empty over the festive period is probably the longest period of time that there is absolutely no one around. So what if there is a power cut, a power surge or a water leak? The actual event is bad enough, but with the office empty, it may not be picked up on for days when the consequences can be even worse.

UPS Saves Christmas

Last New Year’s Eve, Data Centre Response was called to the offices of Education Development International (EDI), a leading provider of education and training qualifications, and assessment services. EDI is an existing customer for whom DCR maintained a UPS. A factory across the road had taken the power out for a short period of time, but when the power went back on there was a power surge at EDI that caused the UPS to blow up. DCR was able to take out the old system and install a new one within 4 hours to ensure that EDI’s data centre was protected. The DCR engineers even managed to get home in time to see the New Year in!
For peace of mind over the festive period, here are our top 3 things to check before you leave the office for the festive break:

1.Install an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to protect against power surges and short-term outages

2.If you already have a UPS, then sign up for UPS remote monitoring to ensure that any changes or errors in your system are detected and the relevant personnel are immediately informed

3.For mission-critical systems where availability of power is key and the loss of any system facility can result in real financial loss for a company, a standby generator is vital

If you’d like to enjoy your Christmas dinner without worrying, call DCR now on 01993 708855 or emails