DCResponse Protects Venture Photography against revenue loss

The Client:  lost revenue

Venture Photography


Venture Photography is the UK’s largest and well known portrait photographer. With over 7 million images being taken every year, and 160 images taken every hour, any data loss or interruption of data has massive implications on the business and its valued customers including lost revenue.

Client challenge:

In November 2012 Venture Photography experienced constant issues in relation to power outages. This meant that at times, the production line ground to a halt, having a major negative commercial impact. Venture needed an urgent solution, and upon recommendation contacted DCR.

DCR response:

Within 24 hours of Venture Photography contacting us, we were on site, identifying where the issues were, and providing the best solution within a live environment, to ensure the power outages were resolved. DCR recommended and fitted a 10 KVA UPS system, a monitoring system, and an ongoing maintenance contract, perfectly matching Ventures needs and requirements. We continue to work closely with Venture Photography to ensure that all their data systems are protected in the most effective and efficient way.


From date of installation, despite experiencing power cuts, Venture Photography has had no more power outages, resulting in a reliable and trusted data centre. This has saved Venture Photography time and lost revenue *, thus optimising the entire head office network which services a national chain of studios serving the general public.

* 51k profit loss (per annum) that occurred during power outages