What are the Benefits of Using an NICEIC Approved Contractor?


The NICEIC is the number one regulatory body for electrical contractors in the UK. At DCResponse, we are proud to be one of over 26,000 registered NICEIC approved contractors. The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) Approved Contractor Scheme is a system that allows electrical contractors to showcase their competence in electrical installations. By using an approved contractor like DCResponse, you can be sure that we adhere to the high standards of safety, competence and customer service set by the NICEIC.

In order to register as an approved contractor, DCResponse had to complete the strict NICEIC application assessment. For the first stage of the assessment, an NICEIC engineer conducted an office audit to make sure we had the correct documentation and paperwork in place. We were required to demonstrate that we had an appropriate health and safety policy for our business size. The engineer also checked that we had an adequate number of serviceable test instruments appropriate to the range and scale of our electrical work. The next stage of the assessment involved a site visit where the engineer carried out a detailed site inspection. This enabled us to demonstrate that the work we do meets the required technical standards.

Being an approved contractor is not as simple as a one off assessment however; since passing the initial assessment, we have been and will continue to be assessed on a regular basis to ensure we maintain NICEIC standards. This gives you peace of mind that we will design, install, commission and maintain electrical installations safely and to a high standard. It also makes sure that our work, staff, equipment and documentation is regularly monitored, demonstrating our on-going commitment to being a reliable and trustworthy contractor.

If you’d like to benefit from our expertise in installation, commissioning and maintenance, or for any information on our products and services, contact DCResponse today.