Do you need a UPS System?

What is UPS System?UPS System

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. It provides emergency power when the power source or mains power fails. The UPS system provides near-instantaneous protection from power outages, unlike a standby generator or emergency power system. The runtime of these devices can be quite short, from a matter of minutes up to a couple of hours. This normally gives enough time to start a standby power supply or at the very least, shut down the equipment correctly.

Who uses UPS System?

Many different industries and companies utilise UPS Systems. We provide them for hospitals, factories, universities, offices and even sports stadiums. UPS Systems provide vital backup to hardware or software, which will be adversely affected by a loss of power.

Key areas that need backing up in any business are telecommunications equipment and data centres. A power disruption can cause data loss and with it serious disruptions to the business. In factories, power losses can be worse, completely losing a day of product production or even causing injuries.

Does a UPS System need maintaining?

Whether a UPS System is is brand new or, especially, as it ages, it is essential to ensure that is regularly maintained and upgraded. Maintenance contracts allow complete peace of mind as you UPS System will be maintained as often as is necessary for that unit and will increase its lifetime.

Do you need a UPS System?

If you store key information or need to be able to use equipment regardless of mains failure then a UPS System is for you. They type of UPS you need depends on the power requirements of what you want to support and how long you want to keep it running without mains power. Larger systems may also need a standby power options, such as a generator.

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