High Efficiency UPS solution for New Look Retail

The Client: 

New Look Retail


The client contacted DCR in June 2013 for a site visit, to explore the benefits of installing a cooling chiller.

Client challenge:

Often, one of the biggest contributors to energy usage within organisations is data centre cooling, and alongside this comes increased and often hefty energy costs. With our client being passionate about its corporate responsibility – with a mission to be socially, ethically and environmentally responsible, DCR developed a strategy along with the client, that enabled them to invest in a major capital investment spend that would deliver a greater value for money, than those proposed by other providers. This, in turn, would enable a significant reduction in energy consumption, whilst still ensuring the data systems high availability and their correct levels of cooling.

DCR response:

The client chose to move forward with DCR as we provided a better solution for the installation at 40% less cost that the incumbent support services provider. DCR undertook the installation of a 750 kW free cooling chiller. Free cooling chillers utilise the cooling of the air from outside, and as the UK is sufficiently cold outside, this allows the reduction in air conditioning units for the time when outside fresh air is below 15°c, which is almost 9 months of the year. Thus using a lot less energy during this time.


With the installation of the free cooling chiller and controls system including a plenum pressure constant volume control, the client is targeting to recover up to 10% of their energy costs. By fitting the free cooling chiller, this ensures compliance and qualification with the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) set up by the Government. The overall results are therefore threefold; the client is achieving its corporate responsibility, saving money from buying less electrical power and also complying with the government energy scheme – ensuring they are not fined or taxed in this area.