Facility Monitoring gives The Innovation Group the Big Picture

The Client: 

The Innovation Group



The Innovation Group. A global business process services and software provider helping organisations in the insurance, fleet, automotive and property industries across the globe. Their groups head office is based in Whiteley – UK with further offices in Cheltenham, Caerphilly, Leeds, Orpington, Alnwick, Birmingham and Enderby.

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Client challenge:

The Innovation Group had filled their current white space at Whiteley and as such had a requirement for an additional facility. The facility at Whiteley is manned 24 hours by security but the IT Management wanted more. The new room had to be remotely monitored so that any issues could be addressed in a timely manner before it had an impact on the business. Due to the sensitive nature of the data centre, the client emphasised that the solution needed to be extremely reliable and user friendly.

DCR response:

DCResponse noted the client’s requirements and documented all of the environment conditions and third party equipment that required monitoring. A solution was designed that fulfilled all of the requirements with the added capability of incorporating the real time measurements and status of the uninterruptible power supplies and InRak cooling units.


The Innovation Group now has a fully comprehensive system that provides real time monitoring of their new Data Centre facility. The IT and Estates departments, along with the DCResponse team, receive email alerts immediately as an issue occurs. Both DCResponse and the client can login to the device remotely and see the real time operational and environmental conditions of the entire white space before a visit is required. Third party equipment can also be viewed to see the current status and any errors that are showing on the equipment. This enables the client to gather all relevant information on any issues so that they can act accordingly.