Edge Computing

Edge computing is a network of small data centres, with each one located close to the users of that particular network. Each one can support the users of a particular network (say on a gaming app) rather than sending the data all the way to the cloud or to the centralised ‘normal’ data centre. This massively decreases the distance the data has to travel.

What are the benefits of Edge Computing?

Other than allowing current systems to work more efficiently, Edge computing has several key benefits.

  • Speed

Because the data has less distance to travel this increases the speed of responses enormously. Obviously, with more data travel less distance, bandwidth is freed up, potentially increasing the speed of all other data.

  • Reliability

Another huge benefit of the data being held more locally is reliability, the further the distance, the more systems have to be involved in handling and processing any data. If the data is held locally to the user there is less that can break down, minimising any possible faults.

  • Scalability

 Running a dedicated data centre can be expensive, both in terms of money and space. Edge computing allows the data centre to be spread around over a larger area, as well as only being expanded when necessary. It is easy to grow a selection of Edge data centres to suit your requirements, but this only needs to be down when necessary, cutting unnecessary costs.

  • Security

A major concern about the IoT (Internet of Things) is that they are vulnerable to cyber-attack. While this will properly always be a genuine risk, the spread out nature of Edge data centres means that they can be designed to seal off compromised sections, protecting most of the system.

  • Versatility

Because of the ability to put an Edge data centre practically anywhere, it has never been easier to expand into new markets. Edge data centres can be targeted where the customer demand is, saving money on large infrastructure that could end up being a long way from the consumer.

Edge data centres are more and more becoming the norm for many companies, it is only a matter of time before they supplement all large data centres and cloud-based systems.

If you have any questions about Edge data centres or are planning on installing an edge data centre please contact us here now.

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