Data Centre PDU Racks

What is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

A PDU also known as a power distribution unit is a multiple power outlet essentially being an advanced power protection extension lead.

It distributes power from the mains or main sources such as data centres and provides electrical power to critical equipment. Contact us today for your backup power solutions.

PDU Power Protection Features

  • Remote Power Monitoring

This feature can help detect power abnormalities, automatically load balance your power, and remotely control power distribution.

  • Surge Protection

Some PDUs can come with a surge protection feature to safeguard connected devices and equipment from voltage spikes which is caused by having a sudden increase in electrical voltage.

  • Overload Protection

This feature is where the automatic safe shutdown or power redirection happens to stop an overload when power is going over a safe level becoming damaging to devices and equipment.

  • Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers trip the power only when an excessive amount of power is going to the equipment. This built in PDU feature is great for protecting connected equipment and stopping fire hazards.

  • Redundancy & Fail Safe

Power redundancy, swapping power to another source such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS System) this is a great feature some PDU’s offer ensuring power continuity.

Power Distribution for Data Centres

Power Distribution Units for data centres serve a critical role in efficiently distributing and managing electrical power to IT equipment and devices.

Layering Power Protection

PDU’s are a great start to build your power continuity and protection plan, however your business and equipment still will be at risk of losing power or getting damaged. This is why PDU’s must be paired with further protection parameters such as:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Battery backup systems which turn on during power problems to protect equipment and allow for power continuity.

  • Voltage Regulators

A device used to maintain a stable voltage level at a large scale protecting you from power fluctuations.

  • Power Filters

Eliminate electrical interference and noise, meaning clean power goes to your equipment

  • Generators

A diesel generator is a backup power solution that will keep a business online when a power outage is present.