Data Centre Fire Suppression and Prevention!

43% of businesses that close due to a data centre fire never reopen! Data centre fire suppression is more than a few sprinkler heads and an alarm. It is about risk and common sense coming together to ensure business continuity.

It may seem too logical but it’s true, the faster you can suppress a fire the less damage and disruption your systems and business will experience. Here are some scary statistics; 43% of businesses that close due to data centre fire never reopen while 29% of those that do reopen fail within 3 years! Fire suppression maintenance is essential to ensuring your data centre and business is protected and your fire detection and suppression system in in full working order.

Fire suppression systems

Gone are the days when it was enough to simply install a smoke alarm with a few sprinkler heads!

FACT! The average loss for a business using a sprinkler system to combat a fire is over 5 times greater than that of a business that have gas suppression systems. So what is the difference? A sprinkler system provides adequate pressure and flow rate to put out a fire. A gas suppression system uses the gas molecules to absorb the heat of the fire so that the temperature of the flame falls to a point below which it cannot spread.

A classic fire suppression system consists of a sensitive smoke detection unit, an audible alarm, suppression cylinder and a control panel. To prevent a system activating unnecessarily, a fire suppression system has at least two fire detection zones and the fire suppression gas will only be released if there is a coincidence in a minimum of 2 zones.

Providing a national service:

Wherever you are in the UK and Northern Ireland, DCR can support you with a national data centre maintenance contract.

For critical IT systems, DCR offers a 24/7 response service, 365 days a year so whatever the fault and whenever it occurs, your data centre is covered by our network of clever specialist engineers!
DCR supply a range of maintenance packages to suit every customer requirement, from simple repair, through to 24/7 service contracts with guaranteed response times so you can have absolute peace of mind!