Edge Computing

12th February 2019

Edge computing is a network of small data centres, with each...

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Why Backup Power is essential in the Manufacturing Industry

31st August 2018

Manufacturing businesses are reliant on their production facility – even a...

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Data Centre Cooling Systems are changing…

6th August 2018

As concerns over global warming grow, cooling practices around the world...

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UPS Service: Why should you service your UPS?

17th July 2018

A UPS Service is essential for keeping this critical equipment running....

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Why Data Centre Maintenance is so important

10th July 2018

Data centre maintenance is imperative to keep the information stored there,...

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Data Centre Design and Build Brochure

5th June 2018

Download Data Centre Design and Build Brochure Here You are looking to...

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 Cloud Computing vs. Data Centre

22nd May 2018

It doesn’t matter the size of your business or what industry...

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Is Water-Cooling the Future for Data Centres?

8th May 2018

Back when large mainframe computers were used; water-cooling was the only...

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8 Pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a UPS

30th April 2018

As every user and organisation has its own circumstances, challenges and...

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Is your Data Centre future proof?

9th April 2018

One of the key areas where IT professionals feel that they...

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Five Reasons not to move to the Cloud

26th March 2018

It has been said around the business and IT community that...

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Summary of the Data Centre Industry 2018

12th March 2018

Following are a review of some key findings. You can find...

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