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Data Centre Response Christmas Closure 2023

1st December 2023

We are on a Christmas Closure at 12:30 pm on the 22nd...

A Guide to Choosing the Right UPS for Your Data Centre

21st November 2023

Selecting the right Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is not just a...

Finding the weaknesses in your data centre backup power

11th October 2023

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems serve as a lifeline supporting data...

The importance of Air Condition in Data Centre design

11th September 2023

Air conditioning is essential when designing a data centre due to...

Job Opportunity: UPS Service Engineer – Field based (England)

7th September 2023

We are looking for a skilled electronics engineer who wants to...

Data Centre PDU Racks

14th August 2023

A PDU also known as a power distribution unit is a...

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Safeguarding Data: UPS Systems and Generators in the Era of Cybersecurity

26th July 2023

In the digital age, data is the lifeblood of businesses and...

Safeguarding the Skies: The Vitality of Data Center Backup for Airports

30th June 2023

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital infrastructure, the aviation...

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Ensuring Efficiency and Reliability: The Importance of Data Centre Cooling Systems

24th May 2023

Data centres are the backbone of modern businesses, storing and processing...

Data Centre – Heating Up Swimming Pools

24th April 2023

The Potential of Excess Heat from Data Centers As the world...

Data Centre Design and Build

6th March 2023

Designing and building a data centre is a complex process that...

Fun Facts About Data Centres

16th February 2023

Data centres are a critical part of our digital infrastructure, responsible...