Power monitoring helps brightsolid measure power usage

The Client: 



brightsolid specialises in the cloud delivery of business critical applications, helping companies increase agility and reduce the risk of their IT solutions. They contacted DCR to install a power monitoring system.

Client challenge:

brightsolid had a requirement for a power monitoring system, which arose when they took on a new client and their contract costs centred on the power used over a defined period of time, and more importantly, if the energy used was over a certain limit within that time.

The Client had no reliable power monitoring system in place so they contacted DCR to help them find a solution.

DCR response:

DCR met with brightsolid to identify their needs and requirements. From there, DCR installed a power monitoring unit to monitor 125 individual power sources.

Each cable that supplies equipment to be monitored is now clamped with a sensor, which feeds back to a data collection module, producing various graphs and usage reports that can be tailored to customer requirement.


Because of the installation of the recommended system, brightsolid were able to deliver a robust contract for the client, based on meaningful and trustworthy data.