Why Backup Power is essential in the Manufacturing Industry

Industrial UPS manufacturing lineManufacturing businesses are reliant on their production facility – even a single power failure in any single step of a production process can cause cost intensive downtime, loss of sales and business and increasing costs. Some power cuts can force a full rest of manufacturing machines, forcing a write-off of half produced items.  Just-in-time suppliers are even more at risk – the smallest power cut can affect production dramatically. 24/7 operations aren’t the only types of manufacturing that are vulnerable. Any large machinery is more susceptible to power problems that can cause transients, harmonics, brownouts and electrical distortions.

There are significant differences between a UPS used to backup a data centre or office and an industrial UPS. Design life is one of the major differences. Industrial plant machinery and support systems are designed to last for at least 15 years, whereas in computer and office technology advance so quickly that mean those systems become quickly obsolete.

It is also important that industrial UPS can cope with environmental conditions associated with heavy-duty equipment or harmful dust, dirt or chemicals. Always more expensive to purchase and install, industrial UPS have much lower lifetime costs and the total ownership cast are much less than traditional commercial systems.

Depending on whether a production line needs to be safely shut down or keep running in a power cut affects what support equipment you will need to support it. If shutting it down is all that is required, then a correctly specified industrial UPS with the right amount of batteries to support the load to achieve this is all you need. If a business needs to keep its manufacturer process running 24/7 or even 8/5 a generator will be required to keep it running throughout a power cut.

Regardless of your power protection requirements, DCResponse will use our expertise and connections within the industry to find the perfect solution for you.

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