5 reasons why an effective UPS solution is essential to your business

Demands for processing power continues to increase across all businesses from small to large networks. With mission critical activity so heavily reliant on ‘always on’ systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, or UPS, plays an ever more important and significant role in keeping your business up and running.

The majority of UK businesses will suffer power outages at some point and the disruption this may cause can have a major impact on a business’ capacity to continue trading particularly if the power outage persists for a long period. On the whole, these outages don’t last long and businesses can install a UPS battery backup to allow your company to perform essential data backups, or continue with mission critical services until power is returned.

Safeguard your business’ data centre and IT
systems with a UPS Solution

We have compiled a list of 5 UPS benefits to highlight the importance of protection that investing in an appropriate UPS ensures. Act now and take the opportunity to eliminate risks in the future. Much like other forms of insurance, a UPS is a form of protection if an unforeseen event were to arise having the potential to cause a negative impact on your business.

If the power’s down, stay powered up.

1. Break free power
UPS provides instantaneous, break-free supply of power in the event that your mains power supply fails. It also maintains power between mains failure and generator start up. So as the battery kicks in, all your business devices that are attached will remain up and running. You will avoid any kind of data loss while working midway.

2. Power shifts
Protects from power shifts that can cause damage to electronic devices. The UPS controls voltage instability through a stable power output.

3. Surge protection
A UPS continently monitors the incoming voltage and identifies spikes and surges with outages. If harmful conditions arise, the UPS will switch to AC power, stopping the spike from reaching the devices connected to it. When the spike is gone, the UPS reconnects it’s output to the power coming from the mains.

4. Cost
What is the cost of losing productivity? What is the cost of recreating or recovering lost data? Installation of a UPS keeps your workstations up and running. This is especially important if you are working to a deadline if you’re working on sensitive data/information, and many more scenarios.

5. Opportunity to backup essential data
A UPS solution can allow employees a window to backup essential data and power down their workstations and servers, avoiding data loss.

When deciding to invest in a UPS, choosing the correct solution for your requirements is very important. DCR are committed to ensuring that the UPS supporting your IT system is monitored and serviced so that it can be relied on to perform if your mains power were to fail.A UPS is not a standard universal product; if not suitable for your business devices, it might fail to keep them up and running. We have the knowledge and expertise to help recommend the right UPS system to protect your business. For small and medium businesses, or larger businesses and data centres we will carry out a free site survey to recommend a UPS product and maintenance contract tailored to your business demands.

We are in a strong position to help you with national coverage and competitive response times across the UK. If you would like to get in touch to discuss your UPS requirements please call one of our team on 01993 708855 or contact us.