10 things to remember when building a server room

A server room is an important part of any business, large or small. It allows storage of all information, including customers and suppliers and allows quick and easy communication between employees.

When building a server room it is important to remember the following points. They are still forgotten too often.

  1. A cupboard or small room is not a server room, even if you put servers in it. A server room is a dedicated space that is fit for purpose with adequate cooling systems in place. Opening a window will not do.
  2. Servers need a lot of energy; you cannot power them from a single 16a wall socket. Alternatively, two, you need correct rated supplies.
  3. You cannot backup a rack of equipment with any UPS. If you need power protection, you need it to be correctly specified for your equipment. In addition, the batteries are only good for 3 to 5 years.
  4. Buildings have structural limits. You cannot put several tonnes of metal anywhere. Check where the building can support all that weight.
  5. Label all the cables before you install them. It is not easy to find where they are coming from afterwards.
  6. Fire suppression is critical. It is better to have it, not need it than need it, and not have it…
  7. Ground lines are not for decoration. They need to be used and tested regularly for safety.
  8. If you want 24h service support, you will need 24h staffing.
  9. The circuit breakers at the end of your circuits are part of your installation and are critical to protecting your equipment.
  10. Don’t spend your entire equipment budget on computers. Everything listed above costs money too.

If you need help with what UPS to get, what fire suppression to use or even a 24hrs service contract please contact us here.

We are also able to able to design whole data centres, so if you want a free site survey please let us know.